How To Get Rid of a Lawn With a Lot of Weeds

How To Get Rid of a Lawn With a Lot of Weeds

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Do you dream of having a lawn that is filled with lush green grass throughout the entire year? If so, it can be very frustrating if you see a bunch of weeds growing on your lawn. Even though weeds are a common problem, they are not necessarily something that you have to deal with. There are ways you can get rid of weeds from your lawn, preserving your grass along the way. What are a few of the most important tips you should keep in mind if you want to protect your beautiful lawn from weeds? Learn more below.

How Do You Control Weeds?

There are several different types of weeds that could grow on your lawn, but regardless of the type of weeds you have, there are several steps you need to follow. They include:

  • Start by identifying the type of weeds you have. For example, there are some situations where you might have a broadleaf weed in your grass. Or, you might have grass-like weeds instead. You need to identify the weeds you have in your lawn because that will dictate the type of product you use.
  • Next, you need to choose a treatment. There are natural herbicides and products available that can help you treat your weeds, but you also need to protect your grass along the way. By selecting the right treatment, you can save a lot of time and money.
  • Once you have the necessary product, you have to follow the instructions exactly. Always read the instructions several times, and make sure it is the right temperature outside. You should also try to apply weed killers without wind outside. That way, you will have an easier time controlling where the herbicide goes.
  • Do not forget to take care of your lawn. Mow the lawn higher and water the grass more deeply. That way, you can prevent weeds from growing in the future.

As long as you follow these steps, you should be able to get rid of the weeds from your lawn.

Manual Weed Control Options

If you find that you are having a difficult time getting rid of some weeds, there are manual weed control options available. For example, you may simply want to bend over and yank the entire plant out of the ground. If you decide to use your hands to remove weeds from your grass, you need to make sure you remove the root system as well. Otherwise, it will simply come back in the future. This is a very labor-intensive process, so you probably don’t want to use this option for your entire lawn.

Another option is to use a weeder. You need to press down on the handle and yank the lawn upwards with the other hand to get the weed out of the ground. This is typically only done on turf, so if you have a natural lawn, this might not be the best option for you.

Consider Pre-Emergent Weed Care

Once you get rid of the weave, you probably want to prevent them from coming back. Of course, you have to take good care of your lawn, but you may also want to use pre-emergent weed care. These are products that you can apply to your lawn every 6 to 8 weeks to prevent the weeds from coming back. If you want to prevent a future crisis, and you want to stay in control of your lawn, consider using pre-emergent weed care.

Again, there are multiple products available, and you have to think carefully about what products are right for your lawn. You need to consider the type of grass you have, the weeds that grow in your area, and the process required to apply them. Because there are so many questions you need to answer, you might want to reach out to an expert who can help you.

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