Spring Tips: 5 Step Guide To Early Spring Pruning

Spring Tips: 5 Step Guide To Early Spring Pruning

December 1, 2022 FBMAccess No Comments

If you want your landscape to look its best, you may have thought about doing some early spring pruning. Typically, this takes place in the late winter and early spring. There are several reasons why you should consider early spring pruning. First, you get to spend some time outside in the sunlight, handling some chores now that can free up time later. Furthermore, by attacking the pruning early, you can structure your landscape clearly, which will help a look at that in the middle of the spring.

What are a few important tips you need to follow if you want to get the most out of your early spring pruning? Take a look at a few tips below, and do not hesitate to reach out to a tree service expert that can help you.

1. Start With The Evergreens First

If you are wondering where to start, go ahead and tackle the evergreens. They should be easy to spot because they are green throughout the entire year. You may find it easiest to start with the needle trees, such as juniper and pine trees. You may also want to prune your broadleaf evergreens. When you prune these trees, you need to focus on removing unruly branches, thinning any unwanted areas, and fixing the shape of the plant. When you prune your evergreen trees, you must avoid cutting into the old wood. Otherwise, these trees may not sprout down the road.

2. Prune Trees That Do Not Flower in the Spring

Next, you should go ahead and prune trees that are not going to flower in the spring. A few examples include hardy hibiscus, butterfly bush, and crepe myrtle trees. You should place your pruning cuts in the plants in an effort to shape the interior to match your specifications. You should try to wait to prune plants that would otherwise bloom during the summer until the last frost has passed. Otherwise, you could leave those plants vulnerable to cold weather, and they may not bloom properly.

3. Wait on the Deciduous Leaves for a While

Even though you may want to prune your deciduous trees, you need to wait until they leaf out. If you prune them too early, you might not like the result. If you have some early spring bloomers, such as dogwood and redbud trees, you should postpone pruning them until the flowers fade. You might be able to prune your maple, birch, and walnut trees right now, but keep in mind that they might leak some sap after they prune. This does not necessarily mean that you will harm the tree, but if you prune them in the fall or early winter, you might not have to deal with any sap coming from the tree.

4. Tackle Vines While They Are Still Dormant

If you have vines on your property, you may want to prune them while they are dormant. If they flower during the summer, he will have an easier time dealing with them now. This group of vines includes passion flower, honeysuckle, and trumpet vine. Now is your chance to prune them before they become unruly, but just be careful to look for thorns if they have any. You might want to wear some gloves.

5. Call an Expert for Help With Trees You Have Questions About

There are some countries, such as elms, crab apples, and oaks, that have strict pruning windows. The pruning windows can vary depending on where you are located. The goal of the pruning window is to avoid having diseases and pests infiltrate the area. If you cut these trees too early or too late, you could end up with pests and diseases that kill your trees. If you have questions about when you should prune these trees, you might want to reach out to an expert who can help you. An expert can also talk to you about how you can properly prune your tree to get the right shape. If you are looking for an expert service in the local area that can help you, look no further than Vision Tree Service for tree care.

Call Vision Tree Service for Help With Early Tree Pruning

Clearly, there are a lot of benefits you will enjoy if you decide to do some early spring pruning, but there are some tasks that are better left to the professionals. We are Vision Tree Service, and we have a significant amount of experience working with homeowners in the local area. We understand that there are some challenges that come with an early spring pruning. It would be our pleasure to work with you to figure out how to best handle your landscaping needs. Contact us today to make an appointment with a member of our team.